Kamea Pools Creates Your Pool and BackScape Retreat

Kamea Pools has created the ultimate backyard retreat with this stunning 16’ x 35’ Aspen shell pool manufactured by Thursday Pools. The tanning ledge built into the shell adds an extra level of relaxation, and the slide is perfect for kids to enjoy. Listen to the soothing sound of the Sheer Descent water feature while holding onto the convenient handrail, knowing that when the night comes, you can safely close the pool cover. The waterline tile, stamped and sealed concrete, umbrella pour-ins and block planter add the final touches of luxury, while the gazebo provides a place to relax in the shade. Plants and rocks throughout complete that natural, outdoor feel. Trust Kamea Pools to create the ultimate backyard paradise.

Features to note:

🌺 Aspen shell 16’x35′- manufactured by Thursday Pools

🌺 Tanning ledge built into the shell
🌺 Slide
🌺 Water Feature-Sheer Descent
🌺 Handrail
🌺 Pool Cover
🌺 Waterline Tile
🌺 Concrete-Stamped/Sealed
🌺 Umbrella Pour-Ins
🌺 Gazebo
🌺 Block Planter
🌺 Plants and rocks throughout

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