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 You’re getting a pool! We’re so excited for you! 

This section is designed for you to choose all the features, options, and upgrades you’ll want.

Getting excited yet? 

Pool Cover

Keep your family safe and your pool clean! These vinyl covers will give security and peace of mind. Colors: Beige, Brown, Charcoal Grey, Forest Green, Light Blue, Light Grey, Navy Blue, or Royal Blue.

Use the arrows above to scroll through our different color options for pool covers!

Travertine Coping

Your pool surround comes with 3 feet of concrete.  If you would like to upgrade to travertine tile for a more personalized look and feel, we can do that! Multiple color options available. 

Fig 86 Scaled, Kamea Pools St G

Water Feature

A water feature will be an added bonus to your pool. Not only will it be an eye catcher, but it will also add sound bringing your pool to life. Your feature can be tailor-made to your specific desires. 

Fig 45 2 Scaled, Kamea Pools St G

Waterline Tile

Add gorgeous waterline tile to the top 6″ of your pool to give it an extra pop!

Clark 23 1, Kamea Pools St G

Deck Jets

The Deck Jet 500 creates an arching stream from the deck to the pool whose flow and direction are simple to adjust without tools. These are a must have!

Deck Jets, Kamea Pools St G

Laminar Deck Jets

Laminar deck jets will bring your pool to life! Not only do they shoot water into your pool, but the bright LED lights illuminate the stream making your pool fun, exciting and unforgettable!

Laminar Deck Jets, Kamea Pools St G


Bubblers bring a fun dynamic to your pool which creates fun and extra sound!

Bubblers, Kamea Pools St G

LED Bubblers

Add LED light to your bubblers to make for a fun experience and wow your friends and family. 

Led Bubblers, Kamea Pools St G

Umbrella Pour-In

These are a must have to escape the southern Utah sun.

Umbrella, Kamea Pools St G


Slides create hours of fun, making your pool the place to go!

Slide 50, Kamea Pools St G

Current Jets

Current jets are a great feature for swim resistance.

Current Jet, Kamea Pools St G


A handrail is not only great for safety, but it can give your pool a custom feel.

Clark 13 1 Scaled, Kamea Pools St G

Jump Rock

Adding a jump rock will bring a fun uniqueness to your pool!

Jump Rock, Kamea Pools St G

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