Fiberglass vs. Gunite? 

The real question is “Do you want to swim or do you want to maintain?”




Customization –


 Any shape you would like.

Today with our manufacturer, Thursday Pools, we can install 21 different shapes with multiple different sizes and colors. Even though Gunite can get you a unique shape, Thursday Pools has a shape almost everyone will want! Go check out all the different forms we have to offer!

Cost –


In the market today, the cost is the same.


In the market today, the cost is the same.

Install Time

3-6 months


 3-6 weeks


Course concrete base that tears up skin.


Uses a smooth gel coat finish.



Steel enforced concrete structure


High quality multilayer fiberglass mold.

Chemical Use

Construction materials require consistent water maintenance with harsh chemicals that are very costly.


Gel coat finish requires no chemical upkeep. Just a bag of salt which is very cheap.

Quality control

Since it’s built on site, the quality is dependent on the builder. Concrete cracks no matter what. If you have a concrete basement, garage, or sidewalk, you probably have a crack in it somewhere. 


Since it’s built in a factory, it’s subjected to multiple quality tests making sure it’s completely solid and durable. 

Length of Time –

Needs to be refinished or resurfaced every 10 years or so.


A very, very, long time! The structure should last 50+ years. Gel coat should last 20-30 years. You should not expect to have to refinish a fiberglass pool throughout the life of ownership.

Color Fading –

Needs repainted and sanded every 5-10 years. 


Very minimal color fading, gradual and consistent that you will hardly notice that it has occured.  

So the bottom line… fiberglass WINS! 8 flowers to 3!

Want more info on fiberglass pools? Go to our supplier’s website- Thursday Pools.

Aspen 16x40 Maya WM 10 1 1, Kamea Pools St G

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