Kamea Pools transforms Desert Backyard with Aspen Swimming Pool

Kamea Pools successfully transformed this backyard into an intimate desert oasis with the installation of an Aspen 16’x40′ pool, complete with Caribbean Sparkle color, Light Blue auto cover and palm tree. We were able to overcome the challenge of having a sloped yard by fixing any flooding issues, while plumbing was added for a future water feature and spa. Furthermore, the surrounding landscape has been fully restored, making sure every detail was taken care of. Are you also ready to have your dream pool come to life? At Kamea Pools, we are dedicated to making it happen!

Features to note:

🌺 Aspen 16’x40′ manufactured by Thursday Pools
🌺 Color- Caribbean Sparkle
🌺 Auto Cover- Light blue
🌺 Fixed flooding issues from sloped yard
🌺 Plumbed for future water feature and spa
🌺 Palm Tree
🌺 Restored landscape

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